This life coach lives from her heart

I am very touched and inspired by this good sister coach of mine, Erin O’Donnell Whinnery. The following is an except of her bios.

When I was a child I dreamed of being in front of a crowd, offering inspiration to masses. Honestly, I had no desire for fame or even fortune. My deep longing was for the words coming from my mouth to reveal to everyone The Truth of who they really are. I remember a dream in which the words I shared poured out and became a ray of light that opened the door of each heart and allowed the light within them to pour out, bringing them joy, love and prosperity. My childhood dream was to bless the world. Lofty ideals…I know.
From the age of 9 until 37, I gathered tool after tool for self-healing, personal empowerment, and professional advancement. I had an insatiable longing for success and fulfillment.
Every person I interacted with, every circumstance I found myself in, every class I took, every book I read, were all seen as opportunities to gain wisdom, knowledge, and understanding about the actualization of potential.
I excelled in the all the areas of my life where I put my energy and focus. I mastered the facets of life most people only dream about. I had a college degree from a highly respected institution. I had an adoring husband who basically granted every wish I spoke. I had 4 healthy, capable, intelligent children. I was involved in a thriving outreach in my church. I had friends who admired and respected me. I was healthy and loved by my family.
Still fulfillment eluded me.
I spent my early adult years battling depression and rarely winning. I struggled with irrational fears that compelled me to control every facet of my and my family’s life. Anger was always brimming just under the surface of my demeanor. Suicide was a common temptation. With each passing year, I forgot my childhood dream a little more and a little bit more. Until one day I woke up and felt that something inside of me had simply lay down and died.
In 2008 I took a hiatus from life as I had created it and sought answers via a two week sabbatical. In the quiet of my own home, I turned off the TV and phones, disconnected from the internet, and basically asked everyone I knew to leave me alone for two weeks.
I went to work…on my heart. I prayed. I meditated. I fasted. I waited. I was quiet. I cried. I slept. I went for walks. I ate. I made love with my husband. I stared out the window. I listened.
And my heart began to speak. It had a lot to say actually. I had simply forgotten how to listen. It began to remind me of my childhood dreams. It began to recall long-held desires. It began to speak of long-forgotten wishes and hopes. It began to beat again.
For the next three years, I did some SERIOUS housekeeping. Unhealthy relationships were either healed or walked away from. Limiting beliefs were surrendered. Course corrections were made. Trash cans were filled, literally and figuratively. Digging for the Real Me was the focus. Uncovering Who I Really Am was the drive.
In January of 2011 I released myself back into life and set the intention to live from my heart.
For years I had pondered pursuing a Master’s Degree…even a Doctorate. But in what? I have so many interests, how could I possibly narrow them down to one field of study?
I realized I could spend tens of thousands of dollars having other people teach me what they thought I needed to know OR I could take my money and spend it on having someone help me uncover what I’d already learned. I opted for investing in myself. I hired a business and life coach and went to work on actualizing the potential within me.
Low and behold, I came right back to where I’d started as a child. Finally, I could recall that long-forgotten dream of unlocking the door of people’s hearts and blessing the world by doing so.
I believe the world is waiting for you to live in the fullness of your potential. Everything that I do is for the delight in inspiring individuals and companies to live the full expression of their true essence. I believe that every person and every company have the potential for greatness. I believe that each is able to engage the world with passion and purpose and profit from their uniqueness.
Within everyone and every company is a wealth of wisdom and knowledge gained over a lifetime of experiences. No one knows exactly what you know, exactly the way you know it. I call this your intellectual capital.
I’ve developed a scientific process called “The 6 Steps to Success and Fulfillment”. With these 6 steps you will have the ability to access your own intellectual capital and discover how to package it in such a way as to actually profit from it. I help individuals just like you and companies just like yours unlock the door to their true essence, live their passion and purpose, and experience wealth and influence.
Contact me for a free coaching session. Let me show you how powerful you really are and how much you have to gain by going to the Next Level.
To your success and fulfillment,


I also asked her a few questions via email which she so gladly answer:


* Your primary teachers and the people who inspired u so far?

My primary teachers have been the choices I’ve made. By accepting full responsibility for every thing that has occured in my life, I expand, grow, evolve and unfold.

There are many souls who have inspired me so far. Inspiration is sought every day, through every one encountered. Not to be esoteric, but every one and every thing is the perfect expression of Divinity in that moment. This is where inspiration manifests in an explosive way.

From a more linear perspective, Jesus, Buddha, David R. Hawkins, Eric Butterworth, James Allen, Joel Goldsmith, Marianne Williamson, Ramana Maharshi, and Sri Aurobindo have blessed me greatly through their ability to express Truth.

In this lifetime, I have encountered individuals who live out Reality in a key of music my heart can attune to hear.

* Your meet-ups, your next-level-empowerment coaching services. Tell us what u do briefly n what your group mission is

I believe that each person is a wealth of potential waiting to be actualized. Each one of us came to this lifetime to express some facet of Divinity. By doing so, we partake in the highest calling…contribution to the relief of suffering of all mankind.

I believe the world is waiting for each of us to Be Who We Really Are. I believe that all we ever need is within us and when we align with Truth, Who We Really Are begins to flow out of us. This reveals Prosperity, Love, Abundance, Beauty, Wisdom, Compassion, etc.

My mission is to give persmission to people to Live like It’s True.

My passsion is to equip individuals to live their potential. This is how I contribute to the relief of suffering–by Coaching. I pull from a diverse and well-stocked toolbox to supply each client with the resources they need to become all they’re capable of being.

* What about your next level personally? Your personal vision for yourself.

This time in my life is about facing my fears, accepting them, loving them, and equipping them to become the expression of their full potential.

As Marianne Williamson so graciously showed me, my greatest fear has not been that I am inadequate. My greatest fear is that I am powerful beyond measure.

Every emotion has a positive intent. Most of our emotions, however, are immature…either in expression or in our interpretation of them. By engaging my emotions with gratitude for their intention, I partner with them to live my full potential.

I am Love expressing Itself as Erin. Right Now is about giving Erin permission to live like this is true.

* And a few words of suggestions to people aspiring to be like u, self-employed in the life-coaching business?

The Kingdom of Heaven is within you. It is not some place “out there”, some destination to be reached on some future date. It is Here, Now, Within you.

If this were True, what would you do differently than you are now?

Go ahead then, do those things. And Live like It’s True. Because it is.


Her meet up:

Thank you so much sis Erin for your empowerment and what you continue to do in your community.

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Practicing meditative kindness in my daily activities ... others first ... myself ... later True magic is sharing unconditionally. Get healed 1st and share the healing.
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