Jewel Heart’s on a mission

Jewel Heart’s on a mission!

I first met Jewel Heart on a meet up she started as I was keen to develop my own personal psychic abilities and intuitive gifts. She came across as a cool, down to each unassuming lady.

I had missed the 1st class and got comfortable with everyone on week 2 the 2nd class. Jewel eased into her group and welcome all openly. She is funny and very accommodating with new ideas – open and approachable to her students.

I had the opportunity to ask her a few questions and what she intend in the near future for the upcoming Meta-physic college of Melbourne.

are 2 links you can look into an get yourself acquainted with her.

She wrote a book!

“This book is for you.” The time is now to awaken from your sleep. The story of her life, how she became who she is today.

She has the fire and passion to see “The Melbourne College of Metaphysics” come to fruition soon.

She has students in Los Angeles while she was living there in the areas of Psychic Development and Metaphysics. Jewel lived there for 2 years.

Kieran, Managing Director of DJs united, will be working closely with Jewel in an upcoming spiritual radio show right in the heart of Melbourne of which I am personally very interested in playing the role of an interviewer for various spiritual teachers in Melbourne and their teaching quite similar to the Hay House radio in America and Sounds True.

Jewel has been working hard planning, writing briefs for the Melbourne College of Metaphysics and will launch it in full force sometime after Easter 2011.

The students of her meet-up group (myself included) look forward to supporting, assisting her in every way possible to cultivate the intuitive gifts innate in each and everyone of us. This Meta-physics college will enable people from all walks of life and faith to exercise and discover/cultivate their personal psychic/intuitive abilities and take it to new frontiers in healing, bring awareness and spreading fulfillment to each individual who dares to take the step into the unknown and develop whatever spiritual gifts she/he may have. They will recognize their guides, practice their abilities and the results will speak for themselves.

So watch out and stay tuned in. There will be you-tubes, radio shows, podcast, blogs, tv shows … right in the heart of Melbourne and anyone in the vicinity can be involved! Look out for a short bios from her in you tube soon.

Woo hoo!

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Practicing meditative kindness in my daily activities ... others first ... myself ... later True magic is sharing unconditionally. Get healed 1st and share the healing.
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