The space in between the thoughts

The space in between the thoughts

What is this space in between the thoughts? At the start and at the end of every thought, there is a space, a pause, a stillness or a state of non-thought or non-thinking. That is the door or start of meditation.

Actually this space exist within the thoughts themselves if we look carefully. I let my thoughts trail off or even treat them like as if they are being dimmed off as in a dimmer switch. I don’t even let them have a chance to complete the sentence … or the whole thought if they are unconstructive or useless ones.

Now thoughts are the outer circle. Inner still are our emotions. I let my emotions go “slow motion” if you like and watch them being played on on at half or even quarter speed and see how funny they look – like a silly slow-motioned cd/tape.

Humour releases and gives light to the severity of the thoughts/emotions.

Deeper still under the emotions lie the intentions. Imagine slow motioning the intention and re-intending the selfish intentions to selfless ones. Now that’s powerful and transformational.

We are not our thoughts. We are not our emotions. We are not our intentions. We sink deeper and deeper to the very core of our being and realize that we are but energy of “no-thing”ness. Pure emptiness or void yet full of indescribable intelligence and vibrating energy of cosmic space.

When the inner space hamonises with the outer space, we manifest what we need inwardly and see it come to fruition outwardly. Transform the inward and the outward follows naturally.

Smile inwardly to every issue you have and see the joke and the lighter side of things in the outward of every trial and tribulation.

Everything I say, I remind myself. Everything I see, I see myself in them. Others reflect me. And I in turn reflect the goodness in them. Any negativity is transformed to usefulness by intending well for others.

When another hurl abuse at me, I see them as burning their own karma and it is their issue they are dealing with. How I deal with it is my issue. And I choose to respond and not react. I respond as appropriate in every present moment by being alertly conscious and calm internally. Then everything flows naturally. Laughter, joy and heaps of genuine smiles and goodwill to others. Empathy and compassion where needed. Kindness shown always. Kindness above right or wrong.

There is no wrong way. Just more painful or a longer way even unnecessary at times. Suffering is always optional. Either we learn the hard way or the easy way, its all up to the free will and totally our choice.

We are all okay. Some useful some not yet useful for the time being but in time they will be useful in their own right.

Demons, fear objects or monsters can be “tamed” for if we embrace and accept all, we do not run away from these “evil” or agents of hurt/pain. We embrace and accept them with lots of space and openness. We release them and forgive ourselves for treating them badly and running away from our fears and pains. We stay and witness our “tragedy” and see through the lessons and befriend the pain and sadness involved until we are “okay” with them. Until we can call them “teachers” or “friends” or “guides” for they are lessons for us always. Until we hear them out, these issues, these agents of pain/hurt or evil will remain necessary and not leave us till we learn and befriend them. So befriend and welcome them. Make them a cup of tea and smile at them. Watch how these agents of doubts, angst dissolve and have no hold of you again.

Smile, laugh, dance, sing! Choose life in all its abundance! Choose to get to know your inner space better via meditation or spending more time alone in relaxation and pampering yourself in doing less and less. Simplify your life. Sleep, rest more. Exercise more. Give you’re a retreat… away from the city – into nature and be well – body, mind and spirit wholly.

Practice smiling, especially the inward smile!

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Practicing meditative kindness in my daily activities ... others first ... myself ... later True magic is sharing unconditionally. Get healed 1st and share the healing.
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