Nothing to lose

Nothing to lose

What if you can’t lose? You are in a win – win situation (Stephen Covey – 7 habits)? How do you tackle an overwhelming of emotions? … well you don’t.

How do I do nothing and yet leave nothing undone? Sounds like the Tao Te Ching indeed. Life is effortless is a beautiful blog by Jana Moreno and also the Sedona method by Hale Dwoskin suggest releasing, … just what I like most – letting go … relaxing – letting all things – emotions, negativitiy, pain, suffering, anger, hurt … etc come and pass through us by not holding on to them. Simply let go of them and stay in the present moment at all times.

I am very impressed by Osho when he advocates “the space between the thoughts”. In fact, the space between all forms really. I like the idea that an object stands out due to its background. You need a white ink to write on a black piece of paper and a black ink to write on a white piece of paper – the paper being the background.

Giving space is akin to breathing. If we remember to breathe whenever hurt or trauma strikes, we are half way there in victory. To make it a sure win scenario, simply use the
“dying reminder”. When one is not afraid to die, everything is peanuts. To see death and laugh at its face is truly fearless.

Nothing can ever affect us again if we understand the phenomena of death. We don’t die. Nothing dies. Nature takes care of herself by transforming, recycling, preserving and evolving. Just watch everything around you – especially watch yourself within.

In the past I used to want to understand most things and get stressed or upset if I don’t understand or make sense out of my doctrines/beliefs. Then I found out that my beliefs/dogmas change from time to time depending on my moods anyway.

These days, I don’t condemn myself at all. I accept all my mistakes and take the bad with the good as a whole, always forgetting the past and staying in the here and now in the present moment. I let go off the previous moment and stay alert in awareness in the present. Future means nothing to me in the sense that I am not worried about the future. When I am happy, I am happy. When I’m sad, I am sad. When I am tired, I sleep. When I am awake, I give myself fully to everything I do or am at the moment.

I see things as is – no labeling or judging, no interpretation/condemnation. I take responsibility for all in my life. Blaming others do not serve any purpose, just like anger is useless and not necessary. As we are all one, the smallest activity on the other end of this earth affects another one way or another.

What does it mean when we say time heals all wound? Does it mean given time, we will forget our pains and trauma? Maybe. Also giving enough space to the pain and trauma for it to heal itself. Nothing lasts forever. However if you can see the changeless in the ever-changing (I am that – Nisargadatta Maharaj) you are very close.

“That which permeates all, which nothing transcends and which, like the universal space around us, fills everything completely from within and
without, that Supreme non-dual Brahman — that thou art.”

I suggest reading It is a truly a timeless classic for non-duality or oneness concept.

So how to have a win-win situation? Well when you have nothing to lose that’s when winning is a guarantee.
When you’ve bounced back from suicide or near-death experience – you have nothing to lose because compared to the greatest of all fear – death, everything is peanuts. Everything gets put in perspective then death enters the building.

Also, I don’t debate, rationalize or explain these days to myself or need be to others as well. I simply, show and point. If they see – great, if they don’t … well through the suffering and pain they soon will come to their senses anyway.

The earth is round. Either you choose to go away as far as you like, you will come back to the same spot anyway – to the very beginning – to yourself. Or you can choose the fast track – go directly to the centre of your being right now and start being aware of how you feel when your release your pains, your hurt, your fear … etc , simply drop them off one by one, peel off the layers of hate and unforgivingness … etc… let space and compassion melt it all off in time and presence.

You are okay. I am okay. It’s going to be just okay. It always has and it always will be. Nature has looked after her own since beginningless time. She know what she is doing. Even now in the midst of all the mayhem and catastrophes. She is knows and she does what’s in the best interest of all.

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Practicing meditative kindness in my daily activities ... others first ... myself ... later True magic is sharing unconditionally. Get healed 1st and share the healing.
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