This year I’ve not watch many movies for myself. I only went with my daughter now 7+ for her kids’ movies. Recently “Shaolin” by Andy Lau and Jackie Chan captured my interest and I succumbed.

This is by far the most heart reaching of all the shao lin movies I’ve seen and I’ve seen quite a few as I was too a movie buff once upon a time.

Murderer turned monk. Monk help his number one enemy repent and saves many others with his death. The usual story but only all too moving on the audience end.

Life as we know it is a movie. We star in it. Who is witnessing the movie? We are. We witness, we act in it and we suffer if we identify too much with our roles in life. Be only as the witness and with alert detachment, leave the desires and aversions of the mind alone and be in presence and live life abundantly.

The screen is not affected by any movies played on it. Be like the screen, unaffected and the witness in the background. The screen is symbolic for the changeless, timeless (unaffected by time) and spaceless (unaffected by matter or non-matter). Be the awareness that is when we are unconscious (deep sleep) and conscious (waking state). Memory fails us and we don’t remember most of the time. Besides, all memories and mind is fallible and unreliable. Only witnessing and presence is the ultimate truth.

The light as it is is pure. But the colours are perceived when it is refracted in many forms. One light, many colours. One life, many expressions or individuals.
Yet all is one in harmony.

Movies, we have to see it as a story, no more and no less. Don’t get too attached to any sort of movies. Be it your life movie or the movies you watch on the tv/big screen.

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Practicing meditative kindness in my daily activities ... others first ... myself ... later True magic is sharing unconditionally. Get healed 1st and share the healing.
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