No mind

No Mind

No mind is not using your mind. I’ve tried it and it works like wonders. When I am alone I don’t use my mind. I simply leave it alone. No need to use it just be the present moment here and now fully aware and alert.

When I need to use my mind for work or communication to the other person I use it as a tool. The mind serves me and not the other way aroud.

I live, I breathe and simply be with no mind alone as in meditation and when needed I use whatever means there are to assist me in the very moment of presence.

This way with no mind I become whatever that is in front of me and become the process – no hindrances, no boundaries. I am. You are. We are all one.

The miracle is the dissolving of the self into selflessness. The ego dissolves or the ego now serves me and not the other way round. Desires and aversions dissolve and suffering dissipates. Try for a while and see if it doesn’t calm and settle you to your true self.

I ‘ve tried this in martial arts, gym workouts, at work during the most hectic of times ( I become the activity but is unaffected by it – I become the witness – participating where useful only), I’ve tried it alone, at home, … at play, everywhere and at deep sleep too. Try – what have you got to lose?

Please listen to Eckhart Tolle

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Practicing meditative kindness in my daily activities ... others first ... myself ... later True magic is sharing unconditionally. Get healed 1st and share the healing.
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