Die before you die and you will experience a serenity of fearlessness. How can you achieve that state of desperation where nothing else matters and all you want to do is to commit suicide? Well it is a most valuable experience if you can pull through it.

Suppose you encounter a truly tragic event your life and dying or living makes no difference what so ever. Through breathing, pausing, centering oneself via meditation regardless of how short the vital pause is, one realises that there is nothing to lose if one can only try to take the next useful and practical step in the moment.

Empty the mind of all thoughts, condemnation, judgment and beliefs. Have no idea … have no mindedness. Don’t use the mind. Stop thinking or rationalizing. Stop the need to know, the need to question and the need to answer. Just stop.

Breathe … relax and flow into the moment. Once centered, face the fear. Smile to it. Bow to it. Say “thanks for coming, i am ready to listen to my lesson now …” the let go completely. Forgive yourself completely. If another party is involved, forgive him or her or forget them.

Let your mind rest on the darkness when you close your eyes. In the silence and darkness, behind closed eyelids, surrender to the moment. Any thought, idea or suggestion that arise … simply, gently put them aside. No need for mental activity. Don’t believe an iota of your thoughts. No need to think. No need to feel even.

You are not your fear. You are not your mind nor your thoughts. Face the fear … face the sensation. Where is the pain in the body? I am not the body. This is fear arising. I see it. I watch it. It comes and it goes. Thank it for the lesson. Thank fear for without fear there is no fearlessness. They are 2 parts of the same coin. Make them one now. It is necessary to feel the balance between fear and fearlessness. Find the centrepoint, the point of equanimity.

Now fear is transformed into inconvenience and irritation. Now fear is an inconvenience and a distraction. Give attention to joy, trust and compassion instead. Feel the warmth of universal care all around you. All the intelligence from beginningless time all around you for you to encounter and utilise at any moment. They have always been in you, with you and all around you. They outnumber all the bad guys you can imagine. All good things outnumber all evil … overcome evil and fear too easily. Just trust in life and its flow to calm you and guide you through your higher, natural self.

All the great teachers are around you … within you. In the air and everywhere, encompassing you and empowering you. Laugh now at that silly fear. Thank it again for showing you how to tackle it for next time.

Be friendly with the fear. Don’t resist it. Accept and embrace it. But don’t cling or become attached to it. See the cause and root of the problem. Thank it. Smile and laugh and chuckle. Let it go. Kiss it goodbye. Come back again … anytime, no problem … as a reminder from time to time that i am only a human – for now.

Find out what fear triggers in you. Watch it, witness it and see it as a friend indeed.

About wilsontsl

Practicing meditative kindness in my daily activities ... others first ... myself ... later True magic is sharing unconditionally. Get healed 1st and share the healing.
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