Greed, hate and delusion are all attachments and aversions. I want more. I have 8g on my phone, I want 16g now! Attachment is suffering. Aversion is resistence to pain which in turn produces and feeds the negative energy.

Desireless state is the state where one is content with who or what he or she is. No more and no less. One cannot lose anymore for one has it all upon realization. The more “toys” I have or the more electronic gadgets or attachments I have the more time I spend indulging myself on them and the suffering and anticipation spins the loop evermore.

When I recognize the desire and self-cherishing or self-identifying factors, I ease back. I say, “ I am not that, I am not that expensive toy, I am not my body, nor mind nor this nor that …” . I keep letting go and dropping my wants, needs and desires. Aversions and dislikes can be dropped as well. They are teachers and warning signs, watch them and they dissolve. Face them gently with lots of kindness and understanding and they go.

Attachments – are they necessary for what they are worth. The suffering they caused. Attachments, fixations and obsessions rob us of our alertness of the present moment and we falter and are not aware of what’s happening within and without. Life is meant to be lived in full awareness of the here and now. Letting go of the previous moment and meeting the present one with gust and zest. We open ourselves to new awareness layer upon layers of dismissing the dusts of habits and past memories.

With no attachments or desires, one practices during meditation during sitting or waking (in our daily lives and activities) to be in presence fully. There are no boundaries in presence.

With no attachments or desires, we are attuned to any new dimensions available to us in the here and now. With every cell of our being vibrating watchfully and consciously we open ourselves to infinite possibilities.

Thinking, dreaming, fantasizing are all in retrospect. We need to flow in the ever now. In spirit, in truth, in openness and in freedom of constant awareness.

About wilsontsl

Practicing meditative kindness in my daily activities ... others first ... myself ... later True magic is sharing unconditionally. Get healed 1st and share the healing.
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