Radicalness and complete shock therapy is necessary sometimes. I love Osho’s radicalness. He would use the most unexpected of responses because he know the power of now.

When you are fully aware of yourself and others. You basically can get away with murder. Using creativeness of the present moment you let intuition and intelligence take over the situation. When you trust yourself – your higher inner being to connect with all around you anything is possible and miracles simply happen.

Surprise, shock, pulling things out of thin air … they can only be done once and once only. However in the ever new and ever fresh here and now, everything is a once off. Things are never repeated again. This moment is here and if not watchful or alert, it will be lost but fear not, the next is there for u to capture only when u are witnessing with non-attachment and wakefully conscious.

Do the unexpected, do the radical but only when it is useful and beneficial to both yourself and others. In a selfless sense, you will learn that selflessness is limitless whereas selfishness is self –defeating and limitating.

Better be free of yourself than to be trapped by your own ideas of who you are. Better to serve and share with others and see your inner joy multiplied graciously.

To shock is to say “ Wake up! Stop dreaming!” … see through your own illusion and fantasies. Nightmare are self-inflicted. Fantasies are self induced. Just be here, simply, alertly conscious is enough.

Shock yourself. Learn to shock yourself out of your own rut and cycle of habits (mind) and watch how this “shock” can be harnessed through creativity in the now to transform yourself and others.

About wilsontsl

Practicing meditative kindness in my daily activities ... others first ... myself ... later True magic is sharing unconditionally. Get healed 1st and share the healing.
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